Yea…so I really dig this Spider Man meme, and this picture made me laugh. Send it to people. 

Yea…so I really dig this Spider Man meme, and this picture made me laugh. Send it to people. 

Is there anything more awesome than this?

This dude shreds on the guitar.

Oh and R.I.P. Asian (Yellow) Power Ranger



"It’s a movie WITHIN a movie"

"It’s a movie WITHIN a movie"

If I were a bit less insane I would probably be a more social person, but then again…. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my life and all the little things.
90’s Cartoons.

For the past few days I’ve been watching clips on youtube of cartoons that I watched from my childhood. I’ve watched mainly Animaniacs clips because they’re awesome and funny.
As I watched these I couldn’t help but notice how MUCH better these cartoons are than anything they have on Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and ANY other channel you can think of.

These cartoons were not only educational (at times) but they were also super catchy. *See Link(s) at end*. 

Nowadays every cartoon is basically animated with computer technology but they don’t look like cartoons are supposed to look. Animaniacs, Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, Freakazoid etc. were, (to my knowledge), all hand drawn and they actually looked like a cartoon.

I’ll be the first to admit that they weren’t always educational but they were great and make me reminisce about how great 90’s and 80’s cartoons were.

Links that I have enjoyed thoroughly.

Countries of the World (Note: Since it was written back in like 1993 there’s been changes, some countries are gone and some are new so not all that we know and love, maybe not love, may not be there).

The 50 U.S. States and Capitols

Last but not least Presidents of the U.S. (Not all are there because it was written before George Dubya Bush and Mister Obama were elected, and seeing as how the writers couldn’t see into the future to write them into the song, they’re not there).

Oh, and here’s this, for the people who really want to spread the message of saving the planet.

Just remember one thing, there’s no better way of saving the planet than giving magic rings to Five teenagers, (Three HAVE to be boys and two HAVE to be girls, it’s the law of the Five teenager group, yes I just made it up), so that they can summon a Blue man with Green hair that flies

REAL BLOG (Working on it)

I’ve been working on a blog, about something that I’m passionate about. I’ll try and get it out sometime this week.